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Get a loan faster and cheaper
Earn more with less risk

You can request a loan privately or in the open.
Small companies and individuals can operate a loan business with our ‘Smart bank’ tools
to find more trustworthy borrowers and willing lenders.

I run a small lending business
in Hang Zhou. I use Haoyouqian
to find my borrowers!

Yang Xu

Lending on Haoyouqian


Annualized interest 16%

I’m a young professional in the city.
Haoyouqian helps me get loans
from my friends to meet urgent needs.

Peng Liying

Borrowing on Haoyouqian


Annualized interest 16%

Group crowdfunding

Make your aspirations a reality

Use Haoyouqian to collect money from your group to fund activities on Haoyouqian.

Use the proceeds to host an event for everyone or create a project.

We help connect you
with efficiency and smart circles

Group contacts by location, friends, alumni.

Haoyouqian connects everyone by proximity, friends, alumni
and more to offer better efficiency for both the borrower and lender.

Lee is requesting a loan from you.


500m 1 min ago

Zhang Yu is lending $50,000

Shangdi Subway Station

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Ensure your funds are safe

Haoyouqian has no capital pool at risk or maturity mismatches.
We have built a next generation smart credit rating system on top of our risk
management protocol based on social media and big data.

Haoyouqian has raised US$10 million from investors
including Tim Draper, Ceyuan and Mandra Capital.

Ce Yuan Ventures

Mandra Capital

Ventures Lab

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